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Meet Dr. Matt

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Welcome to Sipe Spine and Sport, where high quality care meets personal experience. Leading our team is Dr. Matt, the owner and sole treating chiropractic physician, whose unique journey from a Division I athlete to a healthcare professional shapes our specialized approach to patient care.

An Athlete’s Insight

Dr. Matt brings a perspective to chiropractic care that only a former athlete can. His personal experience with the rigorous demands, injuries, and rehabilitation associated with high-level sports, especially in track and field, enables him to empathize deeply with patients facing similar challenges. This background has equipped Dr. Matt with a profound understanding, particularly in treating back and neck pain.

Sporting Roots

Raised in Memphis, Dr. Matt engaged in various sports from a young age, including baseball, basketball, football, rugby, and track and field. His passion was most evident in track and field, excelling in shot put and discus. His dedication to sports led to a Division I scholarship at the University of Memphis, where he competed for five years among some of the top athletes in the NCAA.

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Educational Excellence

Dr. Matt’s athletic career laid the foundation for his pursuit of chiropractic excellence at the National University of Health Sciences in Florida. There, he acquired a wealth of knowledge not just in chiropractic care but also in sports rehabilitation techniques, body mechanics, nutrition, and acupuncture. This comprehensive education allows Dr. Matt to offer a well-rounded approach to patient care, integrating traditional chiropractic treatments with advanced sports rehabilitation strategies.


A Partner in Your Health Journey

At Sipe Spine and Sport, Dr. Matt is more than a chiropractor; he’s a guide and a collaborator in your journey toward optimal health. His unique combination of personal athletic experience and professional expertise makes him an ideal partner for those seeking to achieve their health and wellness goals, whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply striving for a healthier lifestyle.

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Dr. Matt Cares About His Patients

His personal experiences, interests, and specialized training all culminate into making Dr. Sipe a tremendous physician who cares deeply for his patients. His goal is to correct the root problem and reduce or remove pain, all while educating patients so they have better overall wellness.
Here is what one of his recent patients has to say: “Dr. Sipe is a great chiropractor! I’ve been to a few chiropractors and he’s the only one that has given me advice on what to do in order to not have lower back pain. Most chiropractors won’t tell you what to do because they want you to keep going in order to get more money, but Dr. Sipe is different. He actually cares and wants you to get better. I would recommend Dr. Sipe to anyone!” Enrique B.
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Our goal is to provide you the best comprehensive treatment and care that will benefit you for many years to come and allow you to start living your best life today. Why live with pain for another moment? Call us today for a consultation.