Functional Rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation benefits anyone who needs to improve range of motion, muscular strength, and endurance to return to an injury-free life.

Functional rehabilitation is popular among athletes because it has a solid track record of helping patients return to the performance level and healthy state they were in prior to injury.

For these same reasons, functional rehabilitation is utilized to help all types of patients get back to doing the things they love.

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What is Focused Functional rehabilitation?

Following an injury, functional rehabilitation is a type of therapy that focuses on enhancing balance, flexibility, and muscle strength.


The conventional components of physical therapy are expanded upon with functional rehabilitation. This treatment restores appropriate movement patterns by employing exercises that mimic the motions you do on a regular basis. It also enhances the communication between your muscular and neurological systems.


Simply put, functional rehabilitation is an effective treatment to help your body return to its prime condition.

WhAT Are The Benefits Of Functional Rehabilitation?

The benefits of functional rehabilitation come from a multi-phase program of progressive stages, starting with managing inflammation and discomfort, moving on to regaining motion, and concluding with building muscle strength, power, and endurance.


Functional rehabilitation has several advantages, including:

Better muscle memory

We will work your muscles using repetitive, effective exercises. 

Increased endurance

Your cardiovascular system will strengthen, and your endurance will improve through specific activities discussed and practiced during treatment.

Improved posture and balance

Engaging your core within the various movements will keep your spine in good alignment, and your posture will improve.

Increased strength and mobility

Your muscles and joints will strengthen as a result of functional rehab and a reduction in pain will be achieved as overuse is prevented. 

More flexibility

Retraining your muscles to become more flexible will increase your flexibility, considerably lowering the risk of reinjury and allowing for a minimization of pain and discomfort.

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Let Us Help You Remove Your Functional Limitations
Our functional rehabilitation treatment can help you recover from injury and lower your risk of suffering one in the future. Our skilled staff at Sipe Spine and Sport is dedicated to giving our Boca Raton patients the best care and pain relief possible. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation or to learn more about all the services we provide.